Chicago Building Permits- Time and Expense

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As I prepare for my first Chicago flip, Im curious if someone can share their experience with building permits. I know it varies depending on many different factors but, as a general rule, what is the time and expense (fees) associated with getting necessary permits for standard rehab project?

David, we will need to keep in touch regarding our first Chicago experiences since I will be going for permits in about 10 days. Full gut with dormers; Edgebrook area. Selected my architect with one requirement being that they are self-certified with the city to keep review time under control. Good luck.

How's it going guys.....I'm just giving you guys a heads up. Pulling permits in Chicago is like pulling teeth. But I hope everything goes well with you all.

Yes I've heard those stories Elbert. I have been advised many times to use a self certified architect for that reason. They will have the experience and will be responsible for securing permits. I hear numbers like 3 weeks if all goes normally versus 2+months for an architect that is not certified.  Kinda makes you wonder how an architect will ever get the experience to become certified.... but that's another matter.

Yup.....Chicago politics as usual's good you have been talking to people and know how to get around it. 

@David Prince Since our flip needs an extensive amount of work we actually hired an Architect to do the drawings/expedite the permits. All in I think it's under $8k and going to take 4-6 weeks to get permits back. First flip so I have no idea if this is normal but it fit in out budget and timeline. 

@Maria C Quimpo Thanks for sharing and adding the $$- its a big help as I am trying to wrap my head around some high level understanding of expenses. 

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