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Im looking for a quality company to rent dumpsters for flips in the Chicagoland area mainly western suburbs (Oak Park, Berwyn, Forest Park, Oakbrook, Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville) does anyone have any quality recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Try Roadrunner. Had good experience with them and fair pricing

This past spring, I recently compared 10 dumpster companies based on dumpsters I saw around the city at active project sites (RoadRunner was not included in my list). I chose Budget Dumpster Rental (www.budgetdumpster.com) and rented a 4-ton, 30-yard dumpster. This dumpster can be kept for at least 10 days up to 21 days ($10/day for any days over 10 - but they seemed a little flexible). If you request by 2PM it is delivered on site the next business day provided that the schedule isn't full. Their dumpsters do not retain water so that you won't waste money on the $65/ton overage fee.

The costs were:

-30-yard, 4 ton = $459 (includes pick-up, delivery, fuel)

-30-day permit = $100 (This is for the City of Chicago. The dumpster company will let you know the prices for area where it will be located.)

Total = $559

Good luck!


@Tom Kairys @Kelly Page thank you both for the prompt response I’m very appreciative to you both for the advice! I’ve reached out to both companies and awaiting a reply so I’ll keep you updated. During further research I also found another dumpster company (Groot) which seems to be pretty reasonable and reputable as well so im considering them too. Thanks again!

@Jeremiah Wise I have used Groot in the past. They typically have an online price on their website that they will honor, but only if you ask. Their weight limit was more than anyone else I could find and I also exceeded their holding period of of 2 weeks and they did not charge for the extra days.

@Ravi P. thanks for the insight! I’ll be reaching out to them today.

Thanks to everyone for your help and input. After researching many companies it looks like Budget Dumpster will be the best fit for this specific job. Here’s the details below. Thanks again!

A 30 yard dumpster for household and/or construction debris is $479.00. Weight limit: 8,000 lbs Rental Period: 10 days (can go up to 28 days with no added fee)

There are NO HIDDEN FEES. The above price includes everything...tax, delivery, pick-up and disposal!

Used Heritage, a few years ago, small company great service. 

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