I'm looking for a reliable and trustworthy handyman/company for a few projects in the building I manage. Ideally, I'd like to form a relationship with a person or company that I trust. When small projects come up, I'd love to have someone to call first. 

The current projects I need completed:

1. There is a first floor rain gutter I need cleaned and/or fixed. It seems the only way to access and clean/fix this rain gutter is by removing a soffit first. There is no access from the balconies above it.

2. An exterior light fixture needs to be replaced or repaired.

3. The metal balcony railings as well as the metal joists that hold up the exterior balconies are beginning to rust. This is a six unit building with front and rear balconies, so it's not a small job. I'm currently looking to get this done so that it lasts and looks professional.

If anyone has any recommendations for a reliable and trustworthy company or person, I would be grateful to hear them!

Thank you!


Brandon Seyferth