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I have made an offer on a building and the seller accepted, then my lawyer become unresponsive. She may be having some personal problems or whatever, I don't know, but I need to keep it moving. I am in Chicago, does anyone have any recommendations? My realtor recommended a lawyer but I want to shop around.


James G

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@Jay Garrison I have a couple good guys a can refer you if you want. I will send you a PM. Congrats on your offer being accepted. 

@Jay Garrison Sorry to hear, attorneys are renowned for poor communication. If you still need an attorney I'd be happy to help.

Hi Mark. Are the attorneys you work with near south Chicago?

@Mark Ainley,

I am jumping on bandwagon for attorneys, especially those who are familiar with buying on terms, like lease/purchase, sub2, and owner financing.

I used your formula for projecting section 8 rents given to me at last Mid West Real Estate Summit and it was spot on-thanks!.

Here is to a healthy and prosperous 2019!

@Mark Ainley I would appreciate your recommendations as well! Thank you

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