Tenants requesting new furniture after moving in for a few months

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A tenant who has moved in for a few months to my fully furnished apartment in Chicago and had quite a lot of requests and complaints recently made a request to change the mattress after sleeping on it for months and claim it's old and needs to be replaced.

I kindly replied to say they could get their own mattress. They said they want to reduce the rent if they need to buya mattress themselves. It really pissed me off with the ridiculous demand after moving in for months and also the rent is low and they are expecting high end rental. 

If they deduct the mattress cost out of the rent this month, what's my option? Also i want to terminate the lease early with them to save me headaches with requests every other week. There is no clause in the lease for me to end early. What could I do? Thanks

@Suduk N. Is the mattress really old or are they just being a pain?  If they are being a pain tell them no, the mattress is not old, sorry you are unhappy with it, you can add a mattress topper or get a new mattress which is yours to keep but you must put the other mattress back when you leave.  They are probably just testing you to see what they can get.

A policy I learned from my father is never say no to tenant requests, rather say how much. For example, say I would be happy to provide a new mattress and the cost will be $X in additional rent. The addition would be enough to pay for the improvement in a year. If the tenant wants it that much, both parties win. If not, there is no power struggle and the tenant made the decision.

Hell to the NO. You provided them with a mattress, if its too firm, too soft, too "OLD" after they slept on it for months not your issue. You provided the basics now if they want additional comfort that's on them.

If they are only staying for a few months, then I wouldn't indulge them with purchasing a new mattress. You are not required to if they already signed a short term lease. If you do intend to rent out your furnished apartment again, I would see if the mattress is comfortable enough for future tenants. I would also have them do a walk though and sign off on the condition of the apartment before they sign a lease. That way, you also have a check list on the condition of the apartment when they move in and a good way to avoid a dispute if they cause any damage they are liable for. 

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