Looking for Recommendations for My Ground Team in Indianapolis

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I'll be in Indy in a couple of weeks looking for buy and holds (turnkey and not) in the areas where the revitalization is taking place. Id like to establish some connections before then and would appreciate any recommendations for :

Real Estate Agent

Property Manager

Property Inspector


General Contractor

Title Company


Local Lender


Thanks in advance for any help! 



I would be happy to speak with you as to any legal issues in the State of Indiana. 

As to a title company, I work with First American Title Company. They are extremely thorough and know exactly what needs to be pulled in the title search for quiet title litigation. Depending upon how you plan to purchase properties, you may need to have a quiet title action done to clear any liens and judgments that may be clouding the title.

@Account Closed  Steve: Thanks for the recommendation.

Happy Investing!

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I can highly recommend my property manager, A Step Home Management. They are not the cheapest you will find but they run a very professional business. Great record keeping, strong tenant screening, everything online, honest and totally trustworthy (which is the number one criteria in my mind in a PM).  For a multi property portfolio they are an excellent choice.

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