Can Anyone Recommend A Good CPA In Indianapolis?

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Hello fellow BP'ers - 

Just wondering if any local investors can recommend a CPA who specializes in real estate?  The CPA we're using now has been unresponsive and we have some questions we need answered.  We will of course complete some due diligence on our end but I'm hoping to get a few recommendations instead of just doing google searches for CPA in our area.

Thanks everyone!


@Christy Barton , it is not always necessary to hire a CPA who resides in your area. When I first switched to a CPA that had expertise in real estate the person I found resided out of my state. They were familiar with the laws in my State but I switched because of their real estate expertise. I used them for several years and was pleased with their work. 

@Christy Barton - I've fired over 4 "local" CPA's in the past 6 years and now have one that seems to aggressive enough for me and understands our industry.

He is NOT local.  I thought this may be an issue in the beginning but we easily handle everything via DropBox, email and phone.

Contact @Nathaniel Busch to see if he is a fit for you.

Don't forget - "It's not what you make but what you KEEP"!

I am echoing the responses here. Local is not needed. Real estate expertise is paramount. Personally, I also only use CPA's that are lawyers. Attorney-Client privilege in all communications and they can actually give legal advise on any strategy you take.

Thank you everyone for your responses.  I am going to reach out to a few of the recommendations made and go from there.  I'm relieved to know I can use CPAs from other states because there are lots of CPAs here on BP who I'm sure would be a better fit.

You all are the best!  Thank you for your help!


Oh boy @Rob LaRovere ...  I just noticed this mention.  :(  We are working with @Nathaniel Busch from Busch Tax Company and he's been doing great work for us.  He's not in Indy but since we have a bookkeeper (me, haha) he really only gets involved at year end and so far, we haven't had any issues with long distance communication.  He's super cool and came as a recommendation from another Indy investor who has been working with him for several years.  I highly recommend him!

@Bill Hamilton - do you have any recommendations for an accountant who is also an attorney and focused on real estate clients?  If so, I'd be eager to know.  



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