Winter eviction Indiana?

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Someone said that a landlord cannot evict in the winter in Indiana, is that true? Must the landlord have to wait while a tenant does not pay rent or damages their home until the spring??

A quick google search showed that this is probably false, I could not find a single instance of someone saying it was illegal to evict in winter.

Who is this "someone"? If a tenant is telling you this then I'm pretty sure its just trying to get more time.

Yep. I too have evicted in winter... Understand that some courts shut down (or don't do hearings right before and after Christmas up to New Years. Judges must have a soft spot for the holidays LOL.

Thank you all for your responses!

The person who told me is also a landlord and has a tenant that is just not paying on time and trying to do the weekly thing, blah blah. I will let them know they can evict anytime.