Realtors and Property Managers in Gary Indiana

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Hi BP community. I'm looking at purchasing a property in Gary, Indiana and I wanted to know if anyone might have any suggestions on realtors and property managers in the area.



Better be a good one. It is a tricky area. Block by block it changes. With the lower rents, not many quality PMs will be willing to work there as it isn't worth their time. 

Ok. Good to know. I'm reaching out to a few. I found a very aggressively priced property in an area getting good rental rates with what seems like a low crime area in the city. 

Thanks for the post

I live in Gary and just started my own company A&R Property Preservation. I would be interested in working with you or at least giving you information about my knowledge of the area. Most people think Gary is full of crime but I don't even lock my doors at night. Let me know if I could be of service and good luck! 


I know Gary like the back of my hand. Be very careful where you buy and what price you pay. I can get Gary properties ready to go, for less than $25k. Adina is correct too. There are some nice areas in Gary. Some beautiful old homes with great woodwork!. You just have to be careful. PM if you'd like more information. Best of luck to you.


@Account Closed we are behind the times but not abandon/ Being close to the highway and Illinois our cheaper cost of living attracts  those who work in IL. Will you be visiting to see the property, meet with a property manager, etc?

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