NW IN Meet Up Saturday September 30th - No catch. Free. Just fun.

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Hi Pocketeers-

I run a FB group called Northwest Indiana Real Estate Investors. We don't sell anything. There's no fee. It is just for networking and discussing local REI.

We're meeting at Johnny's Tap in Munster next Saturday. We can grab a drink or some food and just introduce ourselves to one another. 

No cost. No monthly fees. Nothing. Just getting to know each other, make connections, get referrals, etc. 

Comment if you're interested!

Updated over 3 years ago

Date correction: after poll voting on our FB group more members are able to attend on 10/7, so we will meet then.

hey Lisa, do you live in Indiana?  I think I might be able attend this meet up. What time does it start? 

Oh ok I see. Well I might be able to attend. Munster is a nice flipping area lol. Anyways, I'll reach out to you via PM if I'm able to attend.