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Hey BP members! I'm Derek Worsley from Indianapolis, IN and looking forward to connecting and learning from fellow members and resources provided. I was looking for ideas for additional income and started reading about real estate investing. I kept hearing people mention Bigger Pockets and I've been glued to the podcast, webinars, books and everyone provided since! I've yet to do my first deal but I'm looking to connect and learn. I'm actively looking for deals and trying to get practice in analyzing them using the tools on the website. My goal is for buy and hold of Single family homes and small multifamily. End goal is to own 10-20 doors and be able to grow my rental portfolio. Recently married and now I'm trying to get my wife on board and realize the potential of real estate investing! Thanks everyone 

Congrats on the recent marriage, and on discovering the magic of real estate investing!  I will send you a pm with some info.  Hopefully I can help you get started on deal1!

Hey Derek, 

Welcome to Bigger Pockets! Let me know if you need any assistance or have any question. 

Stay focused and don't take shortcuts on your first deal. Do the work and learn from the first deal!

Thank you,

@Derek Worsley

Welcome! Make sure to start attending our local REIA meetings. CIREIA and INREIA are both great resources. It took years to get my husband on board! It can be done....

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