Indy Property Manager Recommendations

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We're under contract on a couple of duplexes in the Indianapolis area. Any recommendations for a good PM? We've always self-managed, but seeing as how this is our first foray into our-of-state investing... that's not going to work. We've got good friends in Indy that can assist and manage at the outset, but they've got their own properties to look after and won't be able to help us full time so we're looking for a good PM. Also possibly looking up into Anderson for another property so any PM's that can cover both areas would be a plus.
Thanks in advance!

@Shawn York   What area are these duplexes in? A lot of these duplexes are in areas that the best PM don't want to touch.

@Larry F. These are around the 10th and Emerson area. I've heard that there can be some areas in Indy that are a bit sketchy.

@Shawn York Probably not a great area for duplexes, especially if rents are below $800 unit.  If you are considering Section 8, I'd recommend considering HARVEY Property Management Group.  Harvey is the section 8 king. 

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