Rental Properties Sources

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I am abroad investor and I have been investing in Indiana real estate for the last 6 months - Already in final stages to complete my 1st flip project (in McCordsville), and in parallel I acquired my 1st Duplex for buy & hold purpose (in little flower).

I am looking to grow my buy & hold assets as quickly as I can.

I have 2 questions - 

1. Can anyone give me good ideas how to gain more sources for buy & hold opportunities? Mainly SFH and Duplex's.

2. I am looking to do my first steps in BRRRR strategy - Appreciate if anyone can guide me how should I start doing that (as abroad investor it is more hard for me to engage with local banks).

Thanks in advance for any help!


Have you tried private money from your own countrymen? I have a feeling there are a lot of rich Israelis who do a great deal of foreign real estate investing. 

Thanks Nick.

Indeed I am working with local Israeli investors who are looking to invest their money in real estate.

But I am looking to find ways to re-finance my activity locally in US as well.