Dan Baldini and Polaris

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I am trying to decide between 2 property management companies. I have interviewed a few.

Has anyone worked with Dan Baldini and Polaris to manage their properties? If yes, what is your experience using Polris? Are you still using them? Would you recommend using Polaris? Thank. you.

Hi Jason, doesn't look like you got any feedback from your post.  

Who did you end up going with?  I'm in a similar position now that you were when you posted this?

Also, interested in hearing your experience in Indy if you are open to sharing, feel free to PM me and I will send you a connection request.  


@Jason Ma

Hi Jason, while I have not worked with them, I was recommended to them by my real estate agent as being one of two places she recommends.

On a personal note, Dan taught a real estate class at Butler University when I was in college and I thoroughly appreciated his approach to the class and the value he added. Because of that, when ready, I'll be giving him the benefit of the doubt in reaching out to interview them for my business!