Olson Group, out Indiana? ( Gary and northwest IN)

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I know that this group has been active in the forums, but I would like to hear from folks who've had actual, personal experience with them and gone through an entire deal.

How was their demeanor once an agreement was solidified? Did they live up to the contract in terms of timing? What was the quality of their work? In the end, did they deliver what they promised and how close was your profit to what you anticipated? Where is/was the property (city and B, C neighborhood, etc.)?

Thank you.

Updated 4 months ago

Make that "out *of* Indiana. :)

@Dion DePaoli , I don't have a deal yet, but they are a "one stop shop" who provides a distressed property and their team does all of the woZArk. I can run the numbers (and I know that they will have to be compensated for all of the legwork)—I just want to make sure that they are solid and can deliver whatever it is that they promise. I was hoping that someone had actually done a deal with them, rather than just hearing a "they're good guys".

@Constancia Russell , I know them and am in the middle of the sale side of a transaction with them.  They are indeed active in our market in Northwest Indiana.  Buying rehabs in Gary and some of the surrounding areas can be a slippery slope with the various municpalities and their rules and ordiances along with management of the work, contractors and security.  If you are up to it, I would be happy to connect and discuss further on a phone call or in person depending on where you are in Indiana.  Just shoot me over a PM.

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