Sprinklers Needed in Indiana (or even Fort Wayne Area)? Uncommon

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I'm about to make an offer on a house, and the house does not include a sprinkler system. The agent assures me Indiana (this is located in Fort Wayne) gets enough rain and doesn't need sprinklers. Is this true? Any of you not have sprinklers?

@Aaron Moayed I am Fort Wayne native and I've lived here my whole life. A sprinkler system is very rarely needed in typically are reserved for high-end homes in this area. If you have any questions I'm a local realtor and property manager or brokerage manages over 450 properties in the surrounding areas I'd be happy to help you in any way I can.

-Jordan Wildman

@Aaron Moayed ,

Indiana weather is questionable at best.  Hoosiers have a saying “if you don’t like the weather just wait 10 min”. I would say it depends on your intended use of the property.  If this is going to be a personal residence or a high end rental I would suggest it.   I worked for a production home builder for the last couple of years and in all of our neighborhoods that were 500K plus a sprinkler system was included with the home.  My personal experience is that in July and August it would be really nice to have a sprinkled yard. If you aren’t out moving sprinklers and watering your yard in those months you will have dead grass.   I have a good irrigation company if you need the name of one, I am not sure if they do work up in Fort Wayne or not.  I know our average price to sprinkle the front and side yards was usually around 5K.  

I used to run a landscaping business in Fort Wayne less than a tenth of my clients had irrigation systems, and they were all in the upper class areas of town. I would not have them in my rentals in Fort Wayne just another thing to maintain. They are considered a luxury in that area!

If this is a $500,000 house with a large, perfectly sodded yard, you might want to have a sprinkler system put in....but not everyone does.

If it's a normal city or suburban lot, people just wait for it to rain. If we ever have a "drought" (not much of a drought, in Indiana), people just hook up their hose and old-fashioned sprinkler, or even just use the hose with a nozzle.

This is standard midwest behavior. LOL