Simple Wholesaling, Invest with Ben, and Nupordox

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I think all of those are quality companies.  Indianapolis can be a tricky market, theres alot of street by street.  Just get several different looks on comps, but yeah those guys have inventory, they'll all communicate well. 

As someone who has personally bought, sold, or worked with everyone above I can't say enough good things. If you don't want to get your hands dirty and invest in marketing this is how deals are found. 

Always run your own comps. Make offers that make sense for you. Be prepared to notice that some won't work for you... That's fine. Just make offers where you need to be. 

Remember that they're people with families they need to feed just like you. 

@Jason Ma I have heard good things about all of them, I know one personally and bought from another one. There are several people to steer clear of, feel free to DM me if you are not sure about another wholesaler but all 3 of these guys/companies have good reputations in Indy!

I agree with @Jeb Brilliant There are several companies to stay away from or at least do extreme due diligence on.  I'm in Indianapolis and have experience with quite a few companies, and there are definitely some danger points involved in investing and rehab. @Jason Ma if you are an out of state investor or investing remotely, you need to work extra hard to screen whomever you do business with.  

Many people are great running the numbers and getting an idea of possible outcomes, but you have to be able to trust the information provided and that is one of the critical points.  

All above are solid ,if you’re looking at wholesale deals ,you need to be on Parrot properties ,Mainstay properties,Bob Hinrichs e-mail lists also .All good people ,most close on their own deals ,so at least you know you own the property if you buy from these guys .You still need to do your own DD ,no excuse for not doing that.

Disclaimer I have bought from all of above,except Nuparadox and that’s only because I had to many houses /problems When they had something I wanted.

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