Licensed Mobile Home Installers/Movers in Indiana?

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Can anyone recommend any vendors they know who do mobile home installation and moving within the state of Indiana?  I am researching the possibility of buying a private lot (not in a  mobile home park)  which previously had  a mobile home that was about 1200 square feet. After purchasing the lot I could  buying a used single wide mobile home, and have it moved and installed on the land.  The cities involved would be Muncie and Kokomo Indiana. I also need to find out what work the mobile home installers are willing to do to get the utilities in the ground, connected,  and working.  Any replies would be appreciated!

Well, Indiana is sorta THE PLACE for mobiles, rv's, trailers, etc. So there must be a boatload of companies that can do what you need. Have you tried Googling your question with a location?

Hello John Teachout,  Thanks for your input...yes I googled my question and got 7 names of companies for the entire state of Indiana and am wondering if anyone on Bigger Pockets had any good or bad experience with any of these or similar vendors. 

Hello Aaron Van Curen!  Do you mean "Champion " brand mobile homes? Are you  going to  buy the mobile homes  new or used ?

thanks, Tricia O'Brien