Looking for a great PM for an apartment in KC

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Hi All, 

Can I get some recomendations for good property managers in Kansas City? I have a possible apartment deal comng down the line and I want to have a team ready to take over if it happens. 

Big Thanks. 

Hi! I'm a newbie, so I don't have experience with them personally.. but I just did a phone interview today of A1 Properties KC (www.a1propertieskc.com), and they were awesome. Someone here on BP recommended them to me, and I'm appreciative. See if they can do what you're looking for. The girl I spoke with is named Stephanie, and she was SO helpful! Good luck! 

Hi @Jeb Brilliant -- our company used to use A-1 up until recently.  I'm indifferent to what you decide to do, and of course you should speak with them before making a decision, but we've had a few clients that have had a poor experience recently because of poor communication.  That's my pet peeve. 

ASIDE from that, be sure you talk to a property manager that specializes in working with apartments.  They are a different animal than 1-4 unit residential properties.  Until you've had experience with apartments and their tenants you won't realize the difference.

Talk to an apartment management company.

Continued success!

@Sara Hodge

I used A1 for leasing up my KC SFRs a couple of times.  They did a great job at first.  The last time, however, the communication was horrible and I never received all of the paperwork that the tenants had supposedly signed off on, so I won't be using them again.

I believe they let a bunch of people go while my last house was up for rent, so they were having some issues.  This was about a year ago, so maybe they have worked things out by now, don't know.

If you do wind up using them, make sure you keep a close eye on them and don't assume they have done what you wanted them to do.  And as Marco has indicated above, find out if they have apartment building experience.  I would suggest asking them for references specifically for apt management, and CALL those landlords to see how they are doing with A1.

@Jeb Brilliant   Hi Jeb,

I know everyone thinks I'm a broken record, but as I look at my bank account after a year in KC, I can't say enough good things about William Robison.  He is managing several multifamilies including a 12-plex.  From the beginning, he has worked to maximize occupancy while keeping expenses reasonable.  He is totally trustworthy and puts my interests first.  What more could I ask?

@Jeb Brilliant I believe all of the properties were on the MLS. William recommended all but the 12-plex because it was on the border of an iffy neighborhood. After a couple of properties fell out, we went back to the 12-plex. It took longer to stabilize, but William had it cash-flowing quickly and fully occupied within a few months. He is still pruning the problem tenants, but quickly replaces them with better candidates. We have had a natural death in another property and a break-in after a tenant moved, but overall, there has always been a positive cash-flow.