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What types of projects are you looking to get done?  Driveways, patios, smaller stuff etc?

I guess it depends on if you want warranties or not and want a full blown contractor to run everything for you, however I've found people by going out to new construction sites in developments and talking to the head flatwork guy on a job, or find a crew on a commercial job site etc.  (Of course double check their work later) ALMOST always the guys will be willing to perform sidework and either have their own equipment or use the companies they work for and will have connections of their own for other contractors with large concrete saws, a pump truck, have an in with the inspectors/codes etc.

Largest concrete project I've put together to date was a 33 yard pour.  Looking forward to finding another place I can get into something larger.  Had fun thinking it all/planning it out.

Happy Friday @Andrew Syrios ,

Shane has some great advice about stopping by an active site and finding contractors doing the work.  Often times you can hire the labor cheaper this way too if the guys are willing to moonlight :)

For big jobs, you might also consider basement companies as they've got tons of concrete experience as well.

The jobs we need done are mostly driveways, walkways and patios. Visiting job sites is a very good idea and I need to try to find the time to do that. I've used thumbtack before and have had luck with it. But the best way I've found good subcontactors (which is all we're looking for, not a full flown GC) are through referrals. If anyone has a particular recommendation, please let me know. Thank you!