Kansas City Shawnee heights question

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Good afternoon,

How is the Shawnee heights area of Kansas City, Kansas? I am hoping for like a B- investment area and was wondering what the community thinks about this area? Any help is appreciated!


I could be mistaken as I don’t know every area in KC but Shawnee Heights is a part of the Topeka area. It has both good and suspect areas. If you give the location I would be happy to help

Hi Scott, It's a good area, in my opinion. Everyone seems to know each other up there. It's quiet - very little trouble/crime. Not all of the "heights" is on the hill. Generally, the nicer properties are at the higher elevations, with some exceptions. (The hands-down worst house I've ever been inside was on that hill.) Values are going up, but still lots of bargains to be had. Rents are low overall, but there's lots of opportunity because of the proximity to KU Medical. Looks like you're out of state. As you can imagine, condition varies quite a bit - foundation problems are common - so make sure to lay eyes on the property before buying. 

@Scott Bowles agree with @Sandi Hague , it is a good area. I don't personally invest in KS only MO but I wouldn't be afraid to buy there if I was you. 

@Dan Krupa @Sandi Hague thanks I will dive in a little deeper now to if the investment makes sense. You guys seem to have some great cashflow opportunities!

@Scott Bowles we sure do. PM me if you have questions. I might be posting something to the marketplace also today. So stay posted... 

@Dan Krupa yeah sounds good I would prefer to work with someone on here so let me know once you do! Is it commercial or under 4 units?

If you looking for MFH .... there's a 3 4plexs bundled in the burbs on MO side...  

@Matt K. where did you see that I would definetly check it out...

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