Mobile Home Park / RV Zoning in Kansas

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Hey everyone!

  First time poster on the forum.  Been heavy into the podcast and doing research and I want to tap into your collective knowledge-base.

I am exploring a property in Kansas, which is a mobile home park but also has some RV hookups/spots.   I am not a fan of the RV side of the business and want to transition it to a 100% tenant owned mobile home park.

  The seller mentioned that in Kansas the zoning laws are different, and we would be able to turn every 2 RV spots into a Mobile Home Lot.  I tried doing some digging in the county and state laws, but not coming up with anything.  I, of course, dont want to move forward with this as an assumption.

  Anyone with experience in Kansas able to enlighten me?!

Thank you!

David Hite

what he probably means is that since the RV lots are traditionally smaller, he would hook up a mobile home onto 2 lots since they are bigger. only issue is that you may have to set up new utilities , just depends on how the RV lots were set up.

also, you want to check with the city to make sure the number of pads you are licensed for.  because zoning for an RV park is different dependent upon states/city.

an RV is not sanctioned by HUD so therefore there is different requirements for set up etc..

What you could always do in the meantime is keep the RV lots as RV's until you can get some homes in there. then convert them to TOH's.

Yeah the current owner just sent me a map of the property.  It looks like the hookups, spacing, and cement work is originally all for mobile home pads, but used half of them as an RV park instead, putting two per location.  So, I think taking it back to the original intent shouldn't be a problem as far as utilities.

I will try to get ahold of original licensing to double check that.

I appreciate it!


Hi David.  Is the park within city limits?  If so, the city's zoning laws should control, not the county or state.  I would check with the City on getting a copy of their zoning regulations.  But I do agree with you that what you are wanting to do should not be a problem if the pads were originally constructed for mobile homes.  In that case, it would be more likely that the current owner may be violating a zoning reg by putting RVs on mobile home pads.  

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