Starting around Kansas City

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Hi All,

I'm starting my investment around Kansas City.

I'd like to connect with local investors: agents, contractors, and property manager.

I also hope to get advices and suggestions about investing in the area.

Hope to get a chance to connect with you.

Thanks a lot! 

@Yaping Zhang welcome to BP and to Kansas City!  I'd be happy to share any of the contacts I have here.  We buy and hold, flip, even wholesale on occasion.  I manage my own projects, so I've got a great list of subs I always come back to.  Would be glad to recommend property managers as well as realtors, lenders, or anything else you might need.  Just reach out if you need anything!!!!

@Yaping Zhang Welcome to BP. I'm sure you'll get a lot of good advice here. Kansas City is a strong cash flow market if you buy in the right areas. We've been involved there for several years and know the market well. Feel free to reach out if you'd like some insight and perspective.