Let's Network Kansas City, Kansas !

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Hello KC investors, wholesalers and cash buyers! We are coming into KCK to visit family for the upcoming holiday and I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in meeting up to do some networking. We will be in town this upcoming weekend through next week. Staying around the Shawnee Kansas area. Let's meet up, grab a cup of coffee or some famous KC BBQ and talk about real estate! Houston is my home market. Looking forward to connecting and meeting you.

Local Kansas City BP real estate meetup is happening tonight at the Well in Waldo at 7pm. Not sure what your schedule is but stop by if you are in town. :-)

@Shahriar Khan @zane gifford

I am in Houston area as well, I would love to connect to see ways to collaborate together. I am a physician looking to invest in Houston and Kc area (I lived there for many years and rented my old house for couple of years). Thanks!