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Hello everyone, I begin my real estate courses here in North Carolina staring Monday. However I'm a bit nervous considering everyone I have talked to has given me the notion that the exam will be awfully difficult. Any advice for studying purposes? I'm also in my last semester of undergrad in which I am taking four courses, so this is going to be a busy semester for me. 

@Tevell Williams  I think you have had and probably will have harder tests at college and in your final semester.  If you pay attention and attend every class you should be fine.  Some people struggle with the terminology used in real estate but not something that can't be overcome.  Good luck!

@Tevell Williams. I started real estate classes yesterday. If you ever want to chat or go over material, let me know. How do you intend to use your license? I'm still debating full-time agent vs. using for MLS and offers on auction/foreclosure properties to fix and flip.

@Tevell Williams  

I just passed my test on the first try in October. I agree with @Jared Rogers  on some college tests being harder. Just focus on the concepts of each topic and not so much memorizing vocabulary words. Relate every subject to a real life situation and it will stick with you better. I'm here to help if you need anything. helped me study. Its a 3 month program where you can take as many practice tests as you want. You get the answer and an explanation after each question. I think its $50. It follows the same wording they use on the actual exam. Good luck!

Hey @Jared Rodgers thanks, when I consider the cruel test I've taken over the past four years in college that does give me a bit of confidenc.

Hey @Trevor Fleck, I plan on doing it full time, however I want to invest also. I actually have a Re inv. Business in its beginning stages, and I know being a realtor can open a lot more doors. Send me your contact info [email protected]

@Michael Barbari Thanks for the info I've never heard of that website before. I'll be sure to check it out. 

Thanks again,

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