Internet Marketing Anyone?

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Aside from trying to get my hand in real estate,
for the past few years I've been involved in Internet
Marketing, which is a pretty lucrative market.

Hi Alex,

I've looked into Internet marketing. How is it going? Do you focus on product launches or other strategies?

God Bless,


I will be doing a product launch in a couple of weeks. Also I do affiliate marketing, and focusing more on creating information products.

How about you?

What sort of products are you marketing? Do you do the affiliate marketing via affiliate sites, or do you work directly with the companies that you are selling for?

My wife has a internet business, but not seeing the amount of traffic she would like. any suggestions

I had a great time back when yahoo would rank you if you added keywords for that term in your tags. Even up to the point where google loved incoming anchor links. That has all changed, from what I hear. Now its content, content, content. Thanks alot, bloggers.

Not much of an internet guy. What do you mean by content, content, content? by the way thanks for the reply.

Content meaning the content of the website. You have to always be adding new content, updating, and keep new traffic coming in.

In the mid-late 90's, all you had to do was add phrases you wanted to rank for, in your keywords tag. Almost instantly, you were there. Tons of internet marketing companies were built on this technique alone, and then flopped when it changed.

Back then there was no google though. If I remember correctly it was names like Yahoo, Excite, Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, and a few others. Boy, that brings back memories. I remember getting tons of traffic from aol search back then, because everyone was on aol. I still have a bunch of those darn "50 free hours of Aol" cd's that they would send out to every person in america. lol

I wouldnt really know whats up with internet marketing nowadays. I sold off my last website in 2003. Alot of people are making money from "viral marketing", I hear. I would just build a robust website, keep updating it and adding new content all time. Keep a blog, a forum, etc.

One of the most important things to do regarding your situation is look to build your link campaign.

Thanks so much for the advise!

I use affiliate products to do some marketing, however I have started to create my own products lately. I will be letting everyone on the forum know about the release very soon.

I'm into internet marketing and what I do is advertise for people and myself to get people to come to our websites. Now there are very very very many ways to do this.

are you guys adveritising products or services? internet marketing is such a broad topic, there is soooo much involved.

I guess on the internet a service would also be considered a product from the marketer's perception. But I think to answer your question, products would be the appropriate term.

Care to share more information Dustin on how you get people to come to the websites. Are you doing PPC? Link building? SEO? SMO? Just curious to hear what is working for you.

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