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I'm on BP looking for info about Bob Diamond's Overage course and saw your post from last year.  Did you end up buying it, or find out any further information about it?

Thanks, Teri

It’s an old, old, old game, that gets a fresh round of promoting every few years, to those new people who have never heard of it.  It is not nearly as easy as presented, a lot of dead ends, most tax agencies have implemented new laws to limit it (10-12% max fees, etc) most people give up after a few months.

I personally liked Bobs program and was able to make money following the steps outlined in the course. I’m not affiliated with Bob, just bought the course in 2015.

That being said, I don't focus too much on the tax overages anymore. My business focuses on overages generated from mortgage foreclosures. Some of my deals are on my website

I’m happy to answer any other specific questions people may have on this thread.

@Nick Fullmer does the program offered by Bob Diamond, really give you all the tools that he claims? (Lists, forms, agreements, addendums etc.) to a level that you don’t need an attorney? Also which service did you use to locate the original homeowners? Is there a better paid service than others?

Let me save you over $1000 the cost of the course.

In the year 2000 my property went on tax auction. Before the auction I got about four differnt letters about finding me money owed to me. The first wanted something like 40%, the next 35%, then 30%.

Well, I knew what this was about. Maybe if I kept waiting I might get a 10% fee offer. Never happened. After the sale I filled out the county form and collected 100% of my $4000 taxes owed overage. That lot of property was all steeply inclined. Worthless! Buyer beware.

The course does not work, at all.

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