Don't Do Business With Will Barnard!!!!!!!

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Well, at least not today. Its his birthday. Give him a day off.

Tomorrow, its ok if you do business with him of course.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!! Enjoy the day.

Jon K. - Thanks for pointing this thread out to me Jon. I just loaded my Nine and was going to bust a cap in someone, after reading the thread title!
Nick J. - Your life almost came to an end, that was close. You by far win the award for the best title teaser threads!

Thanks for the B-Day wishes all, much appreciated!

@Will Barnard , I certainly hope you have a happy birthday too, but did you happen to see the tag words used for this thread by Nick J.?

Too funny! (I guess that's easy for me to say since I'm not the target...)

Originally posted by C Rich:
Didn't know it was your BD, but now I do.

The power of Facebook. That's how I knew.

while I'm mentioning it. @Joshua Dorkin should implement a cool gizmo that automatically creates a new thread wishing bday's. Or at least a notification to the individuals colleagues. C'mon Josh, get with the times..................geesh. You're so primitive. Surprised we're not on the old yahoo groups chat :/