4 Holiday Gift Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

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Do you have a family member who is in the real estate industry? Here are 4 gift ideas for your loved ones who work in real estate: realtors, mortgage brokers, real estate investors, or escrow officers.

1. iPad or Tablet Device: Because there are so many real estate-specific apps such as HomeSnap, tablets are great for real estate professionals. They are an excellent one-on-one sales tool.
2. Gift card from local coffee shop: Coffee shops are a great place for real estate professionals to meet with clients and other industry professionals. A gift card at a local coffee shop is a gift that will keep on giving all year long.
3. Subway Gift Card: Lunch on the go is must for real estate professionals. A Subway gift card is an invitation to a healthy lunch for a loved one who is out to lunch on a regular basis.
4. Day of skiing or other outdoor recreation: Give your busy real estate professional a day on the slopes or another form of outdoor recreation that is local to your City or community.

The topic of this discussion posted here is NOT for use in the solicitation of business or referrals from real estate professionals. The 4 gift ideas suggested in this post are for family members or friends who work in the real estate industry.

Anything you would add to this list? Please share below any other gift ideas for real estate professionals you can think of.

All four of these ideas are great! My mailing address is Po Box...


I'll add one gift I'd love (and I think my wife is getting me!) : A home fitness video, like Insanity or a Gym membership. Investors often spend too much time working, not enough working out :)

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