Other great books besides Rich dad poor dad

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I was advised read the book Rich dad poor dad absolutely amazing book gives you a whole new look in perspective real estate in the industry it doesn't exactly tell you what to do in real estate it only tells you you should get into real estate anyone know of any great books that actually explain the means a real state besides leading you to the path like getting into great detail

@Dov Schoenbrun There are a lot of wonderful books that are mentioned in the BiggerPockets podcasts. I would start there until you find a niche that interests you. Then pick up some specific books on that niche.

@Dov Schoenbrun A great place to start is networking with other investors in your area. I know that the focus is on social distancing right now, but when that lifts, going to real estate meetups in your area is probably one of the most helpful things to do at the beginning.

Zig Ziglar books all of them. Real Estate is a people business and you will need a lot of interpersonal skills. The better you are skilled in this the better you will be in negotiating the deal.

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