Breaking developments on Marathon bombers in Boston

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For those of you not in the Boston area: overnight, one of the Marathon bombers was shot and killed, and the second is on the run. The town of Watertown (a close-in suburb of Boston) is in lockdown, all residents asked to stay indoors, all public transportation shut down by the governor. An MIT police officer shot and killed, a carjacking and police chase and explosions all very recent.

I have lots of friends and business associates in the area. All the surrounding towns have been asked to have residents stay home and businesses shut down. Tune in to the news, it should be nationwide by now.

Thanks for posting this @Ann Bellamy .

Also, our public transit system is closed down. I believe this is the first time it has ever shut down other than for weather related conditions.

On a personal note, I was just walking out the door to go to work in Boston when I got a call from my mother.