When you listen to the podcast …

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… do you find yourself talking back to Brandon and Josh or their guests? E.g., today I said out loud, "You're 6'5", Brandon, what kind of aircraft are you planning to fly?"

That's too funny, yes I do...

Hahahahaha @Jesse Holmes that's awesome! I know... I do worry a little about my flying dreams and my gigantic Sasquatch legs. And I talk to myself when editing these things together ... that's even worse!

@Joshua Dorkin will get a kick out of this. :) Thanks for the chuckle Jesse!

@Jesse Holmes - Did you see the pic of @Brandon Turner and I skydiving indoors (see below). He filled the entire tube. I'm surprised that he was able to make it here to Denver on a plane without looking like Fred Flinstone...

I'm not sure if talking to us is a good thing or bad thing, though . . .

It's a good thing you guys do the podcasts sitting down, Josh would never be accused of being tall and if standing up, he could brake his neck attempting to give Brandon eye contact! :)

@Will Barnard - I had to stand on my tiptoes the whole time he was here . . . next time I'll get some stilts.

@Joshua Dorkin , look at the range safety, for lack of better terms. He's obviously in fear of being kicked in the face by @Brandon Turner !

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