Vice News post bashing BP

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Has anyone seen the Vice News article about Bigger Pockets? I just saw it posted this morning. Headline reads, “ Inside the wildly popular forum where landlords try to screw you over”.

It blows me away to such ignorant opinions that make all landlords out to be greedy people. I worked two full time jobs to get where I’m at in life, and I’ve sacrificed a lot just to get the few properties that I have. But now I’m the scumbag that actually expects tenants to pay to have somewhere to live. How dare I....

There was some discussion on here about it when the article came out about a year and a half ago or so.

Don’t take it personal or let it get you down. It’s just an intentionally controversial piece designed to get people to click on it, and written by the same “news” site that wrote another article titled “This Man Is Controlling a Robot With His Butthole”.

Probably a good reminder though that we’re all posting on a public forum, and anyone - including the media, your tenants, or whoever - can potentially read what you write. So don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want to show up somewhere else.

Ultimately, I don’t think anyone is taking them too seriously. Keep doing what you’re doing.