Seeking Property Manager in Louisville, Kentucky

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Any recommendations for a property manager in Louisville, KY? It would be for just 1 SFR right now, but I will be adding more and would love to have a great property manager on the team to help manage my rentals and help evaluate/prospect new ones.



The most important question you should ask your potential property manager how many rental units that they personally own not how many they manage.  I believe that until someone knows exactly how you feel paying the taxes insurance and repairs for a property, even if the property is vacant the they truly know your urgency to get the property rented. 

Also you want a list of clients that they currently service that are willing to talk to you about their experience with that property manager.

One big thing to keep in mind when looking for a property management company is that the larger the name, they do not have the freed to work with owners, they have policy and procedures dictated to them and if they want to do property managemt they have to follow all rules and regulations in place, there are some large companies even here that are not able to use a lot of the features of an online property managemt software because their large real estate firm doesn't allow certain features.

Well hope this helps you in your search.

Hi @Justin H.  you should call J Michael Brown, he is a realtor, has rental property, and he also does property management. His business name is On the Move Realtors, Inc. I bought a house through him last month. You can tell him I gave you the info.

Thanks @Pavel Reyes Valdes !  I will definitely reach out to him, just found his website.  As @Lisa Doud mentioned I think it is a great idea to find a property manager that also owns rental property.

@Justin H.

Did you connect with a pm in Louisville?  I'm in the same boat right now.  Let me know who you went with and your experience so far.

Yes, @Jeremy Jackson I went with Mike Brown at On the Move Realtors as Pavel recommended. I have so far found him to be trustworthy, responsible, and a good communicator. I just went through my first tenant turnover with him on my first property and now have a good tenant in place there. He is currently in the process of finding a tenant for my 2nd property. My experience with him is still relatively limited at this point, but I would recommend him. Feel free to PM me for more info.

@Justin H.

Well, I finally have a property under contract.  I'll be contacting Mike soon.  Still have positive feed back for this property manager?

Yeah, overall still positive.  I've had more trouble than anticipated renting out the 2nd property, but I don't put much of the blame on him.  He continues to be responsive and doing a good job overall. 

Ok, thanks.  Good luck finding a tenant for your property.

@Justin H. , I am formerly from Louisville and still have a residential portfolio there.  My portfolio is only about 25 units (10 pptys) and my manager is moving up in size.  I see from past blogs that you suggested J Michael Brown.  How has that worked out?  My units are concentrated in Portland and River Park.


I was the one who suggested Mike Brown. I'm not sure if he service that are. I'm also offering PM services and would be glad to talk to you about your needs

Mike Brown has worked well for me.  He is currently managing 4 SFs for me and I think he does a great job.  

Pavel is indeed the one who referred me to Mike, and I'm sure he would also do a great job!

I'm glad to hear that @Justin H. I just wasn't sure if Mike services the areas where @Ben W. has his properties. Most Property Managers avoid the West End of Louisville for several reasons.

I found out last night Pavel has expanded into property management and I want to give him a plug.  

He is very sharp and he has a background in law.  If you are going to own property in Portland and the West End I think someone with a legal mind is exactly the right person for the task.   

Hi Lorenzo,

Not at this moment, but this is something I've been considering doing myself. Louisville has slowly become a good market for Airbnb. Send me a PM with your ideas and I will try to help you.

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