Looking for info about Covington, KY and surrounding cities

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As I was researching cities to invest in using the BRRRR method, Covington looked interesting. A quick Zillow search showed there was a lot of real estate for sale and I am wondering why that is the case. Are people getting out of town for a particular reason?

Side note, I would be interested in other cities in the area so any lead would be helpful!

Thanks in advance


While that is a good point of data. What you really want to know is how long stuff is sitting on the market. Are you in a buyers market or a sellers market? Personally, I like to invest in cold markets. It makes the buying much easier and easier to find deals. In a hot market, its hard to get deals but its easier to sell them.

I focus on buy and holds around the country so buying and renting can be done in a cold market fairly easily.

@Patrick Keene

I'm from Northern ky and know area and market well. I just purchased house on covington that going to BRRR. Even with market being so hot still see good returns to be made..around 14% coc return is my projections. If you have any questions be happy to help