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I’ve been searching for a real estate investor club in the Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, Louisiana area but it looks like the only thing on BP and from what I’ve googled is in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area. It looks like we have quite a few members on the Nortshore. Anyone interested in meeting up before the years end or maybe setting up a get together for the first of the year?

Feel free to message me, colleague request, or reply to this thread. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keric Allen

Awesome. 4 is a start, hopefully we get a few more responses of the Thanksgiving weekend and can get something scheduled within the next two week.

Looks like we’re growing. How does everyone feel about meeting on the weekend or the weekday?

Respond weekday or weekend so we can figure out what works best for everyone and their busy lives.

There is the Columbia Real Estate Investment Club in downtown Covington that has evening meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  We have about a dozen active members and there is usually a guest speaker each meeting. The October meeting had Major Lauren Hudson from STPSO talking about the RE auction process.  Very informative.

There's nothing else on the Northshore.  Count me in if you decide to do something outside of CREIC.

Thanks for the info. That’s great news. When is the next meeting?

Is there a membership cost or a set cost per meeting?

I will let you know when we have some thing set for everyone that has responded above.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

@Chris Verdigets any update on the next meeting, cost (if any)?

How does everyone feel about meeting Wednesday Dec. 6, in the evening say around 6?

I’m thinking everyone does a quick intro about what they’ve done, where they’re going, what they’re looking for (CPA, prop. Mgr., loan,etc.) and then we all just talk real estate.

Hope to hear from everyone.


Welcome @Mary Murphy ! All right! If everyone is done Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, let’s get back to setting a meet up!


@Ryan Monier , I am game for anything. I was thinking either a place for coffee (pjs or Starbucks) or real drinks and some appetizers. Got any place in mind?

Anyone else want to throw out a suggestion for a good place for a handful of us to meet up?

I'm trying to get info on the next meeting date and speaker for the Columbia Real Estate Investing Club.  I'll post as soon as I get a reply from the coordinator.  As for fees, the first meeting is free.  If you want to join the group it's $125 per year.

In the meantime, Dec 6 works for me.  Real drinks preferred (BTW CREIC has free beer on tap at the meetings...just sayin')!  Columbia Street Tap Room has Pint Night on Wednesdays.  The Chimes is another option.

@Chris Verdigets , I was sold the second I read tap room and pint night.

That’s great news about the upcoming meeting, I will be there for sure. Hope to see the rest of you there.

All right everyone! With nothing else heard, I propose we meet December 6th at 6pm at the Tap Room in downtown Covington.

Address is 434 North Columbia St., Covington, LA 70433.

As mentioned in a previous post, we’ll do a simple introduction to include where you started (first deal/looking to start) what you’re focusing on (flip/buy&hold/wholesale), and what you are looking for (deals/financing/advice).

After that, it’s just mingle and enjoy some tasty beverages.

I hope to see all of you there. If not, we’ll let you know when the next one is scheduled!


Ryan, the organizer of CREIC, said we could use the Columbia Co-working space for the meeting if we want (he owns the place). I'll also spread the work around CREIC about this meeting. I'm sure some of them will join us.

I vote for the Tap Room! If that turns out to be a bad location we can always switch it up later.

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