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Hello BP,

My name is Travis and I'm located in Southeast Louisiana. I've been lurking BP and REI for a while now and I've decided it's time to take action. I've always been drawn to wholesaling and would like to start my endeavors there with eventually trying to buy and hold/flipping. I've listened to many podcasts as well as going through YouTube university so I have a basic knowledge of the wholesale process. Talking with a very good friend who's a successful REI in my area specializing in buy and hold/flipping and is also an agent/broker. He also has a good buyers list and is willing to share it with me. I've came up with a plan and with his guidance, hopefully land my first deal. I have a small beginning budget of $2K. My goal is to be honest with each potential seller and hopefully we all can win.

Please if anyone who’s willing to speak with me about the process I’m all ears. I have my “why” and am eager to start this journey. 

Hey Travis... welcome. I’m down the road in Denham Springs.  I’m a licensed agent over here and I’ve done a couple investment deals.  If you have any questions about what’s going on over this way, feel free to hit me up anytime. 

Hey Travis, welcome to REI in SELA. I live on the Northshore area and run a REIA there. Would suggest joining a local one or your welcome to visit ours. It'll be a great networking opportunity as well as an educational period. I have done a few deals myself (2 flips - one of which is a live in flip) but also a handful of wholesale deals. I see that you're looking to partner with a local broker. Is it just to build your buyers list? Will you be using him to help figure ARVs? Also, I would start building your own buyer's list but definitely get wait to get started. Even if it's just D4$ then sending mail or calling those home owners. Know who the big wholesalers are in your area. They can be someone you can call if you have a contract and need a buyer. Co-wholesaling can be a good thing. Keep learning. Best education and instruction is when you start doing. Some of the main things needed are: easy to use but good contracts and a good title company to do the transaction. From there, just try to be conservative on your numbers and get good solid deals in areas where people want to buy. Best of luck!

Thanks Shaun, Ill definitely keep you in mind!! Have you done any deals near the River Parishes?

Thanks Courtney for the welcome and tips. I do plan on joining the REIA thats located in New Orleans. My potential partner is a childhood friend who has many connections and is killing the game in my area. My plan is to learn everything I can from him as well as other like minded people I meet along the way. I'd like to speak with you on the wholesaling process if youre ever available. Thanks again!!

@Travis Billings Feel free to shoot me a message about wholesaling.

Whew! Sorry for all of the errors in my message up there. I must have been typing that when I was tired. Glad that y'all got the jist of it!

@Travis Billings

Welcome to BP!  Wholesaling is a good business and I have sold a few contracts.  I would encourage you to evaluate different options when looking at a deal.  If you can acquire a deal at a discount with private money for example, rehab it and refinance out 6 months later without any of your own money in the deal it might make more sense than a quick $5,000 assignment fee.  

What's up Travis! I'm pretty new to it all but did just close on my third rental property so if you ever want to chat about REI let me know. Also, I've been to one of the Nola REIA meetings and really liked it so I'll probably be going to more pretty soon if you ever want to check it out.

Whats up John!! Since I cant make the big $ with Entergy, I gotta get the big $ through REI LOL..Ill defiantly be reaching out to you brother!! Glad you're killing it!! Hope all is well!

Hows it going Travis?  waiting on a success story.  Just following you, please shoot me a message if I can help in anyway

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@Alex Hamilton I've found a coach who has been great!! I have found some properties that I'm actually going view tomorrow. As of now I'm trying to build my buyers list which has been challenging so far.

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@Travis Billings

Welcome Travis. I'm also a starter in this REI venture. Recently joined BP after lurking and learning as a guest for a while. I closed on my second rental property last week and looking to buy some more in the near future.

@Shaun R.

Hey Shaun, I'm in DS as well. We should connect. Any REIA meeting in our area?

@Shaun R.

Hey Shaun, I'm in DS as well. We should connect. Any REIA meeting in our area?

Definitely... shoot me a text or call anytime and we'll figure it out. There is a REIA in Baton Rouge that meets monthly. I haven't been yet because of the job I had. But my schedule just because much more flexible and I plan on attending. Search RING on Facebook and you'll find them. The forum won't allow me to post my number here so I'll send you a message.

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