Seeking investors who have BRRRR'd in Baton Rouge

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Hi everyone. I'm interested in connecting with any investors in the Baton Rouge area who have done one or more BRRRR deals. I would love to connect and learn more about what type of property others find best to use this strategy with in the area. Looking forward to hearing some responses

I'm in the middle of one currently, still in rehab phase, not exactly a BRRRR because I bought it outright and secured a commercial loan on the property itself, but i would love to meet with some people in the area to bounce ideas off of.

They have a Real Estate Investors meeting on the second Tuesday of the month in Baton Rouge at the Hyatt Regency on Bluebonnet. Pretty good place to meet other investors and pick their brains. Its on meetup. "RING" Real Estate Investors Networking Group. 


And to piggy back on @Rip Rittell 's comment, this coming Tuesday will be one of the best topics and speakers you could ask for pertaining to this topic because one of our top local, investor-specialized title attorneys is speaking on lease purchase, owner finance and bond for deed, which are all strategies that can be used to facilitate step 1, the "B" in BRRRR with very little to even zero of your own money down to acquire the property.

@Cameron Ysidron