Looking for Team or References in Southern Maine. Thanks all!

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Hey all California Investor here.  Ive done 3 deals(buy/hold) including 2 condos and a single family home.  I am looking to branch out of state for my 4th deal.  I have capital and time to hustle.  My GFs family is from Maine I would love for the opportunity/excuse to visit them more often.  If you are a rockstar in the area or know of someone I would appreciate the opportunity to setup my Core 4! 

Thanks everyone your support, help and compassion.

Hey @Domenick Cava

I'm a newbie, but my wife and I are looking into purchasing our first property in the next 6-12 months. I'm very familiar with much of southern, Maine and could discuss some areas I see extra value, depending on the type of investment you're looking for. I'd love to talk more and see what you've had success with in CA, even though it couldn't be any different from Maine.


Thank you @Christian Ouellette .  That is exciting to hear about your first property.  My girlfriend is from Biddeford and with flying there at least 3x per year I thought it wise to invest there and expense the trips. Right now a little more in a passive mode with plenty of life tasks occurring in the next few months.  My hope is to build a team by end of year and then work on making either 2-3 small investments or a larger multifamily in 2019.  I would love to stay in contact moving forward and would be happy to share my experiences with my first 3 investments.