AirBnb is worth in Portland, ME? Portland good to invest?

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Hi all,

I live in NJ but husband and I visit Portland, ME every year (he loves Maine breweries). We always stayed Airbnb in Portland downtown (west end to east end). So I thought may be we can buy a condo and do Airbnb and we can use the condo when we drive up. Property and property tax are slightly cheaper than where I live. 

What do you think about this plan? Is it a terrible idea? Is there any management manages Airbnb? 

Thank you in advance!

Updated almost 3 years ago

How about regular rental market in Portland, ME? Multifamily? After reading the article, I feel bad to push out long term renters.

Terrible idea, market is saturated and the rules are constantly changing up here.  Personally wouldnt do it