Do realtors have to report an actual sale price?

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Each state has different laws regarding disclosing sales prices. I work in Idaho and we are a "non-disclosure" state, which means none of the parties in a transaction are required to disclose the sales price or terms for a sale. 

You should be able to find out if your state is a disclosure state or not- generally red states are non disclosure and blue states are disclosure states. 

As for whether or not a realtor can lie about the sales price- I suppose if it's verbal, they can say whatever they want and consider it a negotiation tactic- it's unethical, but they could. As for reporting the wrong price to your MLS- that would be a violation and they could be fined or lose their license.

All of that said, if you have a decent realtor, they should be able to get you that information regardless of the law in your state.