Baltimore & DC/NoVA Licensed Contractors Needed

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Our regular contractor is a "bit" overloaded on projects, so we're looking for at least two new licensed contractors:  

1. MD licensed, and covering Baltimore and east to Annapolis, including Fort Meade/Laurel areas, including mold remediation

2. Washington, DC and Northern VA licensed contractor, including as far west as Tysons Corner, VA (within 5 miles north and south of new Tysons metro route).

Recommendations for reliable contractors welcome, thanks!


"Real Estate Syndicators Group LLC"

Thanks, Ned!



My father has a DC licensed crew and they do a great job and they are reasonable. His name is Mike Dillon Sr. with Dillon Design Build, LLC at 912-313-8666. Hope this helps!

@Michael Dillon will he do renovation work in Baltimore city?  My husband and I will soon be in need of a reliable, experienced contractor.  We want to get our team lined up early on the process.

If you know of anyone west of the areas please let me know! Looking for Frederick, Howard, Loudon and washington counties!!

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