Looking for a real estate agent specializing in Baltimore flips

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My current agent, while seemingly very knowledgeable about investing in the Baltimore area, has become very poor at communicating and following up with promised info.  Any recommendations for an agent that specializes in investments (preferably flips) that could walk a new investor through the process?  

While I'm not making any promises, this has the potential to grow to a large amount of business.  I'm obviously going to be looking for someone to list the property once it's all finished and my goal at this time is to perform at least 3-4 flips a year, so the possibility of a good amount of volume is there.  

Communication and knowledge of the market and flipping are my key points.  I have no problem finding someone with a license (I actually work for a real estate company on the PM side) but I want someone who has experience running the numbers and knows what the market demands.  I have a solid contractor lined up, downpayment funds and financing ready to go.  I just need to find a property and start making offers.

Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.


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@Kyle Gregg is pretty awesome himself: motivated, smart, fast study, decisive, and also a really nice guy. Live long and prosper, Kyle!



Nancy and I haven't been able to connect, any other recommendations?

Looks like I was able to find someone.  Looking forward to getting my first deal locked in!

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