Looking to connect with experienced investor in Montgomery County, MD this weekend

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I am looking to invest in a buy and hold SFH in Montgomery County, MD within the next year and will be in the area this weekend. I've been spending the last few months bringing myself up to speed on the fundamentals of REI but still have A LOT to learn. I'd love to sit down with an experienced investor in the area that would be open to answering the many questions I have specific to investing in the area.

This is an open invite for coffee/drinks/lunch for your time and knowledge. I’d love nothing more than to pick your brain, I know it will go a long way in accelerating my growth. If this sounds like something you’re interested in please feel free to respond to the post or message me privately.


@Mark K. Mark, I would love to speak with you about getting you connected in the Montgomery county market and discuss the differences in the areas for your particular strategy. My office is located smack in the middle of Moco and we specialize in SFH buy and holds among other things.

Please send me a message if your interested in talking in more depth. (I am responding via the BP mobile app so I am having trouble connecting directly with you).



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