Finally Made it to Maryland - Looking for Meetups

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My experiment in selecting roommates online and moving into a house sight unseen has been a success on both accounts! To be fair, the roommates were happy to upload videos of walkthroughs for me, so  sight unseen may be a bit unfair.

Bowie is a nice fit for me! Multicultural, there is nothing here that is further than walking distance (but, air conditioning is so nice), and I fight very little traffic because I'm usually driving in the opposite direction. I can be walking around the national mall in about 45 minutes, I can have brunch on the bay in about 30 minutes, and I've been to Camden Yards two weekends in a row. I'm a happy camper. Oh, and I shouldn't leave out that my internet service is 5 to 7 times faster than I'm used to. Priorities are priorities!

I hopped onto Meetup to see what kind of real estate investing or otherwise groups were in the area, and I lost count. It's as if there was nothing else to do between here and Baltimore! 

Basically, after losing touch with BP for a while, I'm hoping to meet some new friends in the area and explore my interests while finding some problems to solve. Who goes to meetups in this area? Which ones? I look forward to chatting!

Hi Jesse!  welcome to our area.  I live about an hour from you at the southern tip of Calvert County.  There's an excellent investor's meetup in LaPlata (wholesalers and flippers - buy and hold attend - I do - but it is more about wholesalers and flippers) and I have a small group meeting (no charge just great brainstorming)  on the first Saturday in Prince Frederick which is about 40 minutes from you.

Hi Jesse:

Welcome. Make sure to check BWImeetup. My understanding is, it is the largest meetup of its kind in the area. If you join it and get on their thread you will see what I mean. There are dozens of postings every day...everything from wholesalers to LOTS of potential deals. I live in VA and have never been to it but it gets rave reviews!

Good luck. Enjoy the area!

@Jesse Holmes Welcome to the area.  There is a group that meets in Bethesda also. Below is the link from June.  You can go to the site and get on the list to get announcements.  You will love Bowie.

@Jesse Holmes I second @Chris D. The BWI meetup is second Wed of month at BWI Marriott.

Hope to see you there!


E. Harris

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