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Hello BP! 

I have a client that would like to get some additional information on the reputation of a particular builder for this area. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good source to use and refer my client to?  I've checked out the BBB, but was wondering if there was another resource out there.  Thanks in advance!

Good question. General consensus is that Ryan Homes construction is shoddy, focusing mainly on townhomes. NVHomes is an offshoot of Ryan and focuses on higher end SFHs, but I haven't heard one way or the other about their quality.

Anyway, this is a good question, and I'd also be interested in knowing if there's a one-stop-shop for those types of ratings.

Hey Matt!  Thanks for your input, yes I see that NVR Homes was like a parent company, but I'm not sure that BBB is "all inclusive" of their complaints.  They have an A+ rating, but a resource to compare builders would be great!  Take care Matt.

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get references from the builder, ask for his last five jobs, talk to those people.

Builders can be great sometimes, and bad at other times, it is almost what they can get away with.

Don't pay until job is completed, do not pay up front, if the builder can't afford to buy material to start the job, you need to find a more secure builder.

Go knock on the doors of the houses the builder has built and ask the owners about their experience. If you're not that bold, direct mail 'em and ask.  In either case, the credibility of the information is more likely to be valid - just about anyone can post just about anything online (and savvier/large companies may pay others to keep their online presence looking good).