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I have an absentee list of 1000 names in Montgomery county Maryland. I’m having trouble trying to find the contact info of people on the list. Looking for other ways to find their info. I’m fairly new at wholesaling. My plan is to cold call. Please leave suggestions or comments. Thank you BP community!

I assume you already have mailing addresses from the property tax records. Your next best bet is to try either a skip tracing service or get a TLO account.

If you have a name and address from the property records, why not just look them up in the phonebook? (They still make them for the record).

I remember phone books - I didn't know they are still being published - thanks for the insight 

Ari Bachrach.

I am sure you can find where to mail to those SO CALLED prospects - but what are you going to say, what's your message? 

  • do you want to sell - 
  • Hello I thought I'd send you a letter to let you know that I am a real estate investor looking to control some equity and make money
  • Hello, I'd like to make a low ball offer and assign my contract for a profit

I am an absentee of many properties in Maryland and other states and I receive hundreds of letters a year, some on silly yellow paper with stick figures of people holding dollar signs, or little drawings of houses with  a sad face, even slick full color post cards from people who want to buy (steal) my properties.

Most are not serious and don't have money. To me it is amusing - but the truth be told - sometimes the letters work.

Mailings are OK - be it is a passive marketing method.

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