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I just passed my MD Real Estate exam this past week. My primary market will be Pasadena, Severna Park, and Arnold in Anne Arundel County, MD. I have received recommendations to join GCAAR. I am interested in the experience, recommendations, advantages of this and other Associations in this market. Thanks!

You will be rquired the join the association that your broker, or office location is a part of.  Unless you join an office in MoCo or in DC, you will not likely be a GCAAR member.

The association doesn't do much for you except take your dues..  It's really about the company that you join..  Are you planning on Dabbling as a Real estate agent or making it a full time career? 

Thanks Russell!

I appreciate your confirmation of what I was finding on each of the Associations’ websites.
I have the benefit of working for a great company and doing well there. I am looking for a brokerage where I can at least start out in a part time capacity. Ideally, I will be able to find a brokerage where they can utilize my professional experience to serve their team. If I am unable to find this fit for now, my plan is to utilize my license for my own real estate investing, to serve the real estate needs of friends, family, and colleagues, and continue my education in the real estate profession.

Thanks again!

Hey Sam,

I am apart of Keller Williams Select Realtors in Annapolis Maryland and love it there. Keller Williams is the way to go!  Have you read any of Gary Keller's books?  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, HOLD, FLIP, The One Thing?  The guy is a natural born educator and it shows with Keller Williams Realty, there is a big emphasis on education and training.  If you have some professional experience, you can even teach classes to your fellow agents in exchange for reducing the amount of money you owe the brokerage. 

I leave Friday for KW Family Reunion which is held once a year and is 3 days of intense training by industry leaders including Gary Keller himself.  They also hold KW Mega Camp once a year which is 3-5 days intense training as well.

The person you should talk to is the Keller Williams Select Realtors "Team Leader" who is in charge of recruiting.  Do you mind if I connect you two?


You need to start meeting with local brokers to see what they can offer you. Any of the big names will offer/provide training to you, I joined Coldwell Banker and still work for my broker as a dual career agent  (part-time) 12+ years later. It is your broker that sets the environment in their office, go meet with different brokers and you can start getting a feel for their office and management style. You already have your own personal likes and dislikes in people, use that as your starting point for development of your own checklist of what the fit for you should be or feel like.



I have read some of Keller's books. The emphasis on education and training could be very helpful. It would be great to be connected with the "Team Leader." Thanks!


Meeting and talking with local brokers makes a lot of sense. I have started conversations with a few of them and I will continue to do so. 

Thanks for the response!


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