20 year old interested in RE

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I am a 20 year old college student at UMD! I am fascinated by real estate. Particularly Investing and Sales. I know this is a big ask but I would love to shadow anyone that is currently involved in RE in any capacity! I would love the opportunity to shadow you and help you in any way that I possible can! I do have some skills that I could offer such as social media management/marketing and the ability to work my *** off. 

Let me know if you would be interested in helping me!

Best Wishes

-Nik Spitnale

@Niklas Spitnale Social media and management/ marketing  are great skills.   I think BP has section  or in general where Investors ask for help. Or reach out to Wholesaler in your  area, go in meetup and meet with Investors.  

Hey Nik! its cool to hear I'm not the only young guy on BP and that we are fairly close to each other. My suggestion would be to contact local companies that specialize in what you are interested in, asking for an internship or the ability to shadow someone. This is what I did and may have an internship lined up for the summer with a property management group. 

Good Luck 


Great! Thank you all so much and I will make sure to do that! 

Thank you for sharing your insight with me!

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