Upcoming court case-Baltimore Co. possible eviction-tips?

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Hi-We have a rental property in Baltimore County and had to file a Failure to Pay Rent notice. Our court date is coming up-any suggestions? This is the first time we've had to go through this process and I'm just trying to be as prepared as possible.

@Rebecca Sandham Jeffrey covered the most important items. The Rent ledger can be a key item. Also have your lease with you. 

Ideally you want to know as much as you can about landlord tenant law in case the judge starts ruling against you contrary to existing law. I suggest those in the Baltimore area pick up the book by Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc. on local landlord laws.

Be sure you don't have any repairs that need to be done, or the tenant can use that in court to turn your rent case into an escrow case and canceling the entire eviction process till the escrow case is cleared.